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Lil Baby & Gunna – Drip Harder

Lil Baby and Gunna have barely hit their stride, and yet we speak of them in respective terms as album of the year candidates, or at least within an earshot of a functioning short list.

Gunna’s Drip Season 3 flooded the market in February to a wide and colorful range of compliments, giving him credence next to Young Thug’s commanding presence in ATL rap.

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To a lesser degree, Lil Baby’s Harder Than Ever had the same effect, to the point where both men figure in the conversation of rap confluence.

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It only helps that Gunna and Lil Baby are of one mind when it comes to meeting in the middle of their core strengths: mellifluous flow and a persistent rhythmic drive.


1. Off White Vlone (feat. Lil Durk & Nav)
2. Business Is Business
3. Belly
4. Deep End
5. World Is Yours
6. Underdog
7. I Am
8. Seals Pills
9. My Jeans (feat. Young Thug)
10. Style Stealer
11. Close Friends
12. Drip Too Hard
13. Never Recover (feat. Drake)

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